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2015-04-12 20:53:20 by blakemoso

Hey Newgrounds!

I just want to share a little update about myself, since I've been pretty quiet for quite a while. My first game, Blackwood Prologue, was published here almost three years ago, and since then it's been a bit of a busy time for me. I finished school and went out and got a job, which now occupies a large portion of my time. I do other side jobs as well to earn a bit of extra income, which also cuts into my time a lot. What time was left has been mostly spent on a handful of more pressing personal projects.

Recently, I've started to reach a more stable place where there are less other projects and commitments floating around, so the next big thing on my list is development of the main Blackwood game. All throughout the past couple of years I've been doing planning for the story (I promise it won't be as wishy-washy and pointless as Prologue was!), and over the past few weeks I've been working on some initial artwork for the game, which I just finished today. This is the first glimpse of anything Blackwood related that I'm going to be sharing (I've posted it to the art portal if you are interested!), but it won't be the last.

Because the development process is still going to be a long long journey, I can't officially say or share anything about the game at this point, other than that I do plan to finish it some day. What I do intend to do though, is start sharing out bits of artwork and animation, and other glimpses at the work in progress as I go, just for those people who are interested in my work. It's not about promoting the game at this point, but just sharing what I'm working on, getting feedback, and giving myself a bit more purpose to get little pieces done. I'll be primarly posting things on twitter, so if you have any desire to see the odd Blackwood related content, feel free to follow me there. Fair warning though, there probably won't be a huge amount of Blackwood stuff, so you'll have to live with seeing all the other junk I tweet about clogging up your feed in the meantime!

Cheers, and thanks for all the support and interest you guys have shown over the past couple of years!




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2015-04-13 00:50:38

Well, I'm just glad you're back man. :) And jeez, three years? Has it really been that long? Wow...


2015-11-21 06:28:52